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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review: Weekly singles submissions

This is a new feature for Wildy's World, and will depend greatly on the volume of submission of singles. Each week on Sunday (when we have them to cover), we'll talk about some of the singles we've received for consideration. Here's this week's batch!

Alfred Mcleod - Native Gravy Juice

Beck, Fatboy Slim, Fred Schneider and Marilyn Manson form their own version of Fight Club and duke it out with instruments. Mcleod's fuzzy melody and chaotic arrangement comprise a dance tune that makes Mad Max look gentrified. Get your rave on. 2.5 Stars Out of 5

Alfred Mcleod - Sensational Love

More musical insanity from Mcleod with a bit of an industrial touch. Not highly commercial; probably a niche taste. 2 Stars Out of 5

Big Blue X - Escapism Generation Waste

Mellow acoustic Pop/rocker with a strong melody and fine arrangement. Lead singer Brian has an eminently listenable voice. The song is a bit preachy, but anthemic for those who look at their peers’ fascination with materialistic considerations and wonder where it all went wrong. 3.5 Stars Out of 5

Eye'z - Dedicated

A sweet teenage love song. Lyrics are a bit stilted, and the melody line is too drawn out. Eye'z has some pitch issues that are a distraction. Harmony vocals are quite nice. 1 Star Out of 5

Kites & Crows - Out Of Range

A nuanced bit of Americana songwriting with shades of Blue Rodeo or even Wilco. A great tune. Very low key and mellow but with a lot of internal energy. 4 Stars Out of 5

Kites & Crows - She Hangs The Moon

A moderate tempo acoustic Country/Rock tune that gets a bit too lyrically caught up in the title. Repetitive but a very nice arrangement. 3 Stars Out of 5

Rebecca - Another Story

Fairly slow pop with a mellow dance beat. Rebecca has the pre-requisite throaty, moany voice that passes for sensual in modern pop. Another Story likely has commercial legs with potential for remixing to help it enter the club scene, but really doesn't make lasting impression. 2 Stars Out of 5

Rebecca - Never Ever

A somewhat disturbing listen, particularly in the opening verse, where the music and singer seem to be at odds to one another at times. Rebecca shows some pitch issues on the finished track that fail to sound stylistic as opposed to breath control deficits. The song itself has some potential, but the vocal arrangement leaves something to be desired. 2 Stars Out of 5

Universal You - Your Sin City

A wonderfully upbeat and energetic Pop/Rocker with dark undertones. Vocalist Gulzhan Ibraveya has an unusual and intriguing sound that holds listeners' attention. Your Sin City is definitely worth checking out. 3.5 Stars Out of 5

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