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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Review: Jennifer Logue - The Pretty EP

Jennifer Logue - The Pretty EP
2009, Jennifer Logue Music

Philadelphia native and New York City-based Indie songstress Jennifer Logue will surprise you. The diminutive rocker has a big voice and an even bigger heart, committing herself to each song she sings with conviction that is admirable. The Fordham University grad and former financial services worker appears to have the stuff it takes to make music her day job. Logue's second release, The Pretty EP, features 7 autobiographical songs dealing with life, love and living in a city where you feel just a bit out of place. All of these songs are tempered and shaped by Logue's eternally optimistic outlook on the world.

The Pretty EP opens with Pretty, a song about feeling at ease with oneself. It's a great pop tune that has some real commercial potential, particular as a licensable song for television or movies. There's just a bit of a country twang that hangs around the edges here and you could see this song easily crossing over into that genre as well. I Don't Feel A Thing is a song of empowerment in the face of the loss of a relationship. This song is a potential anthem for the broken-hearted. How Much I Love You is a pop song full of sunshine that is destined for mix-tapes and dedication lines. Just when you think great pop music is on the ropes a song like this comes along to remind you that pop never dies. Sigh is a song of unrequited love that finds Logue trying to move on. Her vocals on this song come across as a bit muddy on the CD, as there is a heavy quality in her voice that just doesn't work as well with this track. Incognito is a fun track about living in a city so large and so populated you can lose yourself. Once again, a great pop song with real commercial legs. Damned is a rambunctious Southern-Rock style tune is all about the mixed messages women grow up with about being themselves as opposed to living up to pre-conceived notions and expectations. This is another potential anthem and perhaps the best written track on the disc. The EP closes out with a Spanish language version of Sigh (Suspiro).

Jennifer Logue is an extremely talented songwriter. Her voice is strong with a very listenable sound. With the right songs (and most of them here are), Logue is a highly emotive performer who is a pleasure to listen to. The Pretty EP is a great introduction if you haven't heard of Logue before. Here's hoping we hear much more from her in the future.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Jennifer Logue at or I was unable to find an online purchase point for The Pretty EP on CD, but you can download it from iTunes. If you contact Ms. Logue through her MySpace page she’ll likely set you up.

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