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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review: Chris Loid - Back Road Home

Chris Loid - Back Road Home
2009, Chris Loid Entertainment

Portland, Oregon’s Chris Loid is a talent you just can’t ignore. Perhaps one of the most dynamic young Country Music artists on the Indie scene, Loid has a voice you rarely hear in country music circles and a charisma and panache that puts him in rarefied company. Loid’s debut album, Back Road Home, was released in the first quarter of 2009. If you’re going to have a discussion about the best debut Country albums of the past decade, Chris Loid’s Back Road Home has to be in the conversation.

Back Road Home opens with Heaven Can't Wait Anymore, sounding a bit like a young Bob Seger. This is a sure-fire country hit. If Loid can get this song a toe-hold at commercial country radio listeners will light up the request lines. Fishin' In The Weeds is a Blues-based Country tune about being happy with whom you are. Loid's voice is amazing, with a smooth quality that's unusual in Country music. Son Of The Sticks is an anthem for Good Ol' Boys everywhere and a great party tune. Loid makes some serious Mix-Tape magic on Without You; we're talking Casey Kasem Long Distance Dedication material here. Loid's song is a heartbreaker and is also likely to make sure at commercial Country radio if it can find a bit of airtime.

Loid breaks out another party tune in Light This Mother Up. You'll want to shine up your cowboy boots and grab your Stetson for this one, because the dancing will be fast and furious. Back Road Home is a bit of southern rock with a dark, dark turn. Ladies if your current beau has been away from home a bit too long and your ex- is still in the picture then this song will make you think twice. Long Night is as close as Country music can get to Slow Jams. Loid displays some amazing range here. Loving You Forever isn't my favorite song on the disc (although it's not bad), but Loid manages to blend Country, R&B and a bit of Jazz into one tune and make it work. Loid closes out with Love Is Never Too Late, a musical morality tale with something for everyone. The prodigal son is always welcome, even at death's door. Loid challenges listeners not to wait for a goodbye that will be final; to make the most of any time that is left.

Finally, an artist comes along with the same sort of pizzazz, chutzpah and charm as Garth Brooks. Chris Loid could, and should, be absolutely huge. Honest writing, great hooks, a bit of Rock N Roll attitude, a slice of Rhythm N Blues and a voice you could listen to all day should make Loid a lot of fans very quickly. Back Road Home is an instant classic. Don't pass this one by.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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Anonymous said...

I have been listening to Back Road Home and each time another song jumps out at me and I'm thinking "why isn't this guy on the radio?" If you like country with an edge and a voice bigger than life you gotta check out Chris Loid.

Anonymous said...

Nice!!! What a breath of fresh air in the Indie scene. If he comes to my area I will definetely check out his live act.