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Friday, July 17, 2009

Review: Our Lady Peace - Burn Burn

Our Lady Peace - Burn Burn
2009, Our Lady Peace

Our Lady Peace sheds the bonds of corporate rock and returns to their roots on Burn Burn, due out July 21, 2009. After feeling as if they'd lost control of their sound over the last two or three albums, Raine Maida and crew went back to their Indie roots, writing, recording and producing all of the material on Burn Burn themselves. The result is Our Lady Peace's most vibrant and enjoyable album since 1994's Naveed.

Burn Burn opens with All You Did Was Save My Life, which happens to be the first single from the album. All You Did Was Save My Life is perfect Pop/Rock Radio or teen movie soundtrack fodder. It's an upbeat Mix Tape candidate; a love song out of the traditional sphere with great pop hooks. All You Did Was Save My Life should drive downloads and album sales, particularly once people find out Burn Burn isn't your typical modern album with one good single. All told there's perhaps one average song on the disc, with the rest of the material here ranging from above average to excellent. Dreamland is a poignant piece of songwriting. The color scale of life becomes greyer as we do; this is a song about longing for our Technicolor days. Our Lady Peace gets a bit bizarre on Monkey Brains, which appears to be two songs (or song threads) tied together. I don't get it, but I love the progressive nature of the song.

Our Lady Peace guarantees themselves at least two big singles to follow All You Did Was Save My Life. The End Is Where We Begin is a wonderfully melodic guitar rock anthem, whereas Never Get Over You might be one of the best power ballads on the past few years. If Never Get Over You doesn't end up as a top-10 single somewhere it will only confirm that commercial radio is as lifeless and bereft of taste as reality television. I got a particular kick out of White Flags, a song that sounds like it's about ready to descend into utter musical chaos every time the chorus comes around but never quite does. Big, can't miss hooks and a distinctive pop feel make White Flags an essential listen. Perhaps the best songwriting on the CD is saved for last. Paper Moon is one of those songs that will stick with you, popping into your mind here and there, now and then and never being unwelcome.

Our Lady Peace is back After a number of years of corporate oppression, Raine Maida are once again in control of their own musical destinies. This good for Our Lady Peace, but even better for long suffering fans who've wondered where the fire and spark that made the band essential in the early 1990's went. It's here on Burn Burn, and the fire is burning bright.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Our Lady Peace at or Burn Burn hits the street on July 21, 2009. You can pre-order a copy from the Our Lady Peace web store. You can pre-order a download through iTunes with bonus tracks as well.


Anonymous said...

This review could not be farther from true. They have not returned to their roots, but rather moved much much further away (listen to Naveed for crying out loud). This is big dumb corporate rock at its worst. Shame on Raine Maida and gang for subjecting their fans to this audio feces.

Anonymous said...

This is a solid uplifting rock album with some great tunes. No it's not early OUR LADY PEACE like Naveed, and it isn't perfect, but it is an excellent rock album by one of those bands that fans are always happy to hear something new from!
Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I was surpised to hear OLP singing a song like that on an album they wrote. It is so much like a movie soundtrack song "here boys, sing this"

It does grow on you though. Top 40 stuff and if they own the rights to it they will make big bucks. Take a lesson from Nickleback - ignore critics - cash cheques.

Anonymous said...

This review is off on the indie roots part. Instead they sound more evolved with angels\losing\sleep (This song has more depth than previous albums). The high vocals used on angels losing sleep is used in a unique way. Although their first song "All you did was save my life" sounds completely unauthentic Our Lady Peace. This band used to speak to the fans in an honest way. Our Lady Peace needs to embrace their unique high vocals and not try to sing the right words to sell albums but really say something(like they did on clumsy). I am hoping this album is a pick me upper for them. They are one of the few best kept secrets for bands in America. (especially for those who need substance)

Lee said...

Much better than I expected. Read my detailed review of 'Burn Burn' here: