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Friday, September 25, 2009

Review: Michel Ackermann - Kite

Michel Ackermann - Kite
2008, Michael Ackermann

Michel Ackermann was a professional pianist who had never really considered singing and songwriting. He had studied with no less than Virginia Zimberlin and had played with trombonist Jiggs Wigham, as well as many other ensembles and groups in and around his native Berlin. One night Ackermann had a dream that he was performing (with singing) songs in front of a large concert crowd in Cologne, and used that as motivation to begin writing and singing. With influences ranging from Randy Newman and David Gray to Van Morrison and Joe Henry, Ackermann has a quirky songwriting style than can be both frustrating and refreshing, depending on the song. Ackermann's debut EP, Kite, was released in 2008.

Kite opens with the title track, a pensive piece of down-tempo Piano/Synth Pop. Kite is a pleasant listen that harkens back to 1970's Adult Contemporary AM Radio material. Back On The Road takes on a little more life, working in a funky beat and some jazz colorings particularly in the piano part. I'd Rather Be With You, a highly cyclic and mildly soulful love song that has a strong foundation in the writing but relies too heavily on a one line chorus that repeats way too many times for listening comfort. Ackermann leaves listeners with Our Love, the funkiest and most lively track on the CD.

Michel Ackerman scores big with Our Love, but the rest of the EP falls a little bit flat in energy and songwriting. Ackerman is obviously quite an accomplished pianist; as a lyricist he's decent but seems to run into awkward moments he can't seem to overcome. The instrumental breakdowns tend to be the highlights of the songs. Based on what I heard on Kite, I'll be curious to see where Ackermann goes next musically.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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