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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review: Deadwood Revival - Deadwood Revival Sat 730

Deadwood Revival - Deadwood Revival Sat 730
2009, Deadwood Revival

The state of Washington might be the home to the next great Jam Band. The Deadwood Revival brings their brand of "hillbilly jamgrass" wherever they grow across the northwest US, winning new fans at every stop along the way. Inspired by Jerry Garcia, Deadwood Revival hits a musical state that equals or exceeds The Grateful Dead at the height of their musical powers with discreet moments of instrumental genius and vocal harmonies that are heavenly. Vocalist Trenerry, in particular has a distinctive sound that crosses Kitty Wells with Allison Krauss and makes for an extremely pleasurable listen. Deadwood Revivals' newest CD, a live recording called Deadwood Revival Sat 730 captures the spirit and spit of their live shows while showcasing what may be one of the elite bands in the folk/country divide.

Deadwood Revival Sat 730 opens with Ain't The Buyin' Kind, a song about someone who is more into roaming than settling down. The instrumentation and vocal harmonies are dead on in a delicious blend of bluegrass and folk that will get your feet moving. Red Rocking Chair and Sugar Hill are traditional tunes given the DwR touch. Red Rocking Chair is great back porch music, and Sugar Hill is a rambunctious tune featuring the vicious fiddle work of Julie Campbell. Up next is a cover of Johnny Cash's Big River. The crowd gets really into this one, particularly the jam. DwR sounds inspired here.

Glendale Train may be the musical height of the disc, with the musicianship reaching near-perfection and a tremendous mix on the vocal harmonies. Campbell in particular should be memorialized for this performance. Guitar/Banjo player Jason Mogi chips in four original compositions, highlighted by When I'm Gone. This is one of those songs you'll find yourself singing along to the first time you hear it, and Mogi's guitar work will have the guitar players out there trying to figure out the tabs for the rest of the night. Grateful Dead fans will get excited about the Hunter and Garcia song China Cat Sunflower, which is reverent to the original in both form and spirit, but the highlight of the disc is Trenerry's Mattie's Jam/Shake The Barnhouse Down. Get ready for 11 1/2 minutes of musical bliss! Cover My Tracks and Daisy are fun listens, and don't overlook the band's take on Cotton Eyed Joe; one of the best I've heard.

Deadwood Revival is the sort of band that connects with listeners almost instantly (even through recorded media). The musical trip is there for the taking, all you have to do is let go. Deadwood Revival Sat 7:30 is an exquisite recording you'd be happy for on a road trip. Fans of bluegrass, country, folk and 1960's psychedelia will all find something here. Check it out.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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