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Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: Janyse - The Magic Of Think

Janyse - The Magic Of Think
Magical Voice Productions

Canadian singer/songwriter and voiceover artist Janyse is not just a pop star but also a first-rate children’s artist and one of the top voiceover artists in the world. Janyse has voiced characters in projects such as Hulk Vs. Thor, Hulk Vs. Wolverine, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Batman: Black & White, My Little Pony, and Ed, Edd n Eddy. We previously reviewed Janyse’s singles Dreamers and This Day Is Mine, but today we’re taking a listen to her Children’s project, The Magic Of Think.

Opening with Boots, a song about the courage to be yourself, Janyse affects a persona that's part Arthur and part cowboy. Boots is very catchy and will keep the little ones moving to the beat while delivering a positive message. Boogie Oogie Man is a comedic song about things that go bump in the night that you can jitterbug to and makes the dark a little less scary. Janyse goes for big daydreams on Hero, looking to save the day. It's a decent song although a bit cliché. Shoulda Woulda Coulda returns to the early Rock N Roll of Les Paul for a rockin' good time. It's amazing listening to the songs on The Magic Of Think and hearing all of the voices that Janyce Jaud manages to inhabit in the course of about 40 minutes.

Why is a song all about self-esteem and learning to like yourself. It's a strongly positive message delivered in a cute musical package that the kiddos will love. Janyse revisits Boots thematically in Stomp, a how-fast-can-you go hoedown that will have the kids and you in stitches before you're done. I Won't Worry is an upbeat, positive message in song that is as positive for the adults as it is the kids; the characters and tune are, as throughout The Magic Of Think, magically alive and full of energy. Janyse includes her pop tune, This Day Is Mine, which we previously reviewed as a single and closes out with If I Believe, the theme song of The Magic Of Think. This is, in fact, the best song on the disc, sounding like an Alan Menken/Tim Rice concoction from a Disney movie.

Janyse seems to spin gold with whatever she touches. Her voice talents (as both a voice artist and a singer) are prodigious. Janyse breathes life into what can at times be a tired children's genre with songs full of heart and belief in the magic of childhood. The Magic Of Think is definitely a worthwhile investment if you have little ones. Janyse is up there with folks like Elizabeth Mitchell, Trout Fishing In America and Laurie Berkner as a Children's Artist creating music accessible to kids but with a musicality and intelligence that will also appeal strongly to adults.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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