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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review: Greg Capozzi - One More Day

Greg Capozzi - One More Day
2009, Vienna Records

Greg Capozzi returns this summer with his latest disc, One More Day. The songwriter, author and worship leader follows up 2006’s Show Me The Way and 2007’s The Mission with his most dynamic and vibrant album yet. Piano based Rock n Roll done up in classic rock robes is the order of the day on One More Day, with Capozzi challenging himself to hit new heights. The Christian message of the music is unmistakable and perhaps even more out front than in the past (if possible).

One More Day opens with The Beacon, an Elton-John-style 1970's classic rock number. The love song or testament to God is quite well done. Capozzi steps out of the CCM mold to deliver a quality song that would succeed in secular circles with different lyrics. Heart & Soul is a stab at a traditional pop ballad, but written to God. The song works but gets a bit too cliché. Wake The Dead is a sermon in song; the sort of song that will get a church on its collective feet. This worship song about spiritual warfare gets a bit too wordy at times but is otherwise very well written. I Just Wanna Go To Heaven finds Capozzi rising to new dramatic heights with an almost Freddie Mercury-style vocal (ala Who Wants To Live Forever). All of this is wrapped in lush, Classic Rock harmonies that will stick with you.

It's Not About You gets more of a Billy Joel/Elton John vibe to it; an anthemic rocker that will stick in your head. Your Grace Is Enough gets where Capozzi's been heading on One More Day; a soaring Arena Rock anthem complete with vocal triads, a big, layered guitar sound and a hook-filled chorus that will inspire you to sing along. Capozzi closes out the set with You Are My First Love, another power ballad with God as the focus. This works to some degree but just isn't as dynamic as the big rock tunes here.

One More Day is perhaps Greg Capozzi's most compelling work to date. It's clear that Capozzi pushed himself musically on this disc after solid but safe efforts on Show Me The Way and The Mission. The result is an album that is good enough to cross genres on the basis of the music, although the Christian content is so strong and in your face that it will probably always be classified as CCM. A great effort in any case.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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