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Monday, August 10, 2009

Review: Rehyn - A Time To Fly

Rehyn - A Time To Fly
2008, Rehyn

Rehyn is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin singer-songwriter with a fresh and daring voice and poetic style that’s unconventional in pop music. With a positive life outlook that shines through her songs, Rehyn is a musical dreamer who inspires listeners to reach beyond their own existences. Rehyn's debut EP, A Time To Fly, opens doors for the artist and listener that are intriguing.

A Time To Fly opens with Fortune's Fool, a song about chasing dreams and wanting to taste from the cup of life. It's a positive and uplifting anthem for a generation raised on reality television. Wonderful Way is a piano-based ballad that looks back at a relationship from the past and speaks of the good that came from it. It's a mature and touching bit of songwriting with a highly memorable chorus. Rehyn's voice is very intriguing, particularly on this song. There's an edgy, textured sound that wants to sing Blues or even Country, but Rehyn is a Pop/Rock songwriter who lives and dies by her piano. The contrast between her piano and voice will keep listeners involved in every word. This Morning and Walls are both decent but seem to have some awkwardness in the lyrical content. Questions improves a bit on the lyric side and offers a solemn, heartfelt look at a relationship.

A Time To Fly
hits all the right notes with the first two songs, Fortune's Fool and Wonderful Way. Things get a bit rougher the rest of the way, but there's a clear indication that Rehyn can write. Her voice has an earthy, warm quality to it with an edge in the middle that makes for great listening even if plays havoc with tone once in a great while. The lyric aspect is up and down on the EP, but the up moments suggest that will improve with time. A Time To Fly is a strong introduction; make sure to check out Rehyn.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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