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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Review: Play The Angel - Play The Angel

Play The Angel - Play The Angel
2009, Mungo Park Records

Montreal's high octane quartet Play The Angel is ready to take America by storm, leading off with their self-titled debut EP on Mungo Park Records in advance of a full-length release this fall. Play The Angel formed from the remnants of Montreal band One Away, with Bobby Bisciglia (guitar, vox) and Rob Tremblay (drums) finding lead guitarist Phil Berube and bassist DominiK Gagne (NecronomicoN) on their way to becoming Play The Angel. The EP is full of power and grace, ratcheting up an already impressive buzz a few notches on the eve of their American coming out.

Play The Angel opens with Indestructible, a song with the potential to make Playing The Angel a household name. High energy rock with a big guitar sound, a killer chorus and hooks that will grab you and drag you along whether you want to come or not make for a potential monster of a song. You And Me is a sorrowful power ballad about a relationship that didn't work out; this has the potential to be request/dedication material and is glossy enough to do well on Pop radio. Ready Or Not is built on a killer guitar riff and a chorus equally as lethal. This is the sort of rock sound you can't help but dance to, and is the best overall song on the disc. If Indestructible might make Play The Angel a household name, this is the song that elevates them to superstars. Tears Are Falling is in a similar vein to the other songs on Play The Angel but doesn't have quite the same pizzazz. Don't Follow, on the other hand, shows a more lyric side to Play The Angel that is a welcome surprise. Make it three songs out of five on the EP with major potential commercial impact.

Play The Angel proves they can go from edges of Power Ballad heaven to the throws of Rock N Roll passion with all of the prerequisite stops at emotionally charged balladry in between. Their debut EP, Play The Angel stands to introduce the band to a new audience south of the US/Canadian border, and contains the sort of Pop/Hard Rock gold that makes careers. Put Play The Angel on your must list.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Play The Angel at or You can purchase Play The Angel as a download through iTunes.

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