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Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: Recent Hours - The Definition Of Replacement

Recent Hours - The Definition Of Replacement
2009, Recent Hours

Recent Hours have been stalwarts of the Philadelphia Rock scene since their inception in 2006, continually pushing at the bounds of their self-styled "Euphoric Metal" with hard work, inspiration and a lightness of being that often evades the Metal Community. Recent Hours' debut CD, The Definition Of Replacement, shows musical growth even within the bounds of one album. Recent Hours are band going someplace quickly.

The Definition Of Replacement opens with a searing guitar riff that lights a fire under Head Gnomes. Dusty offers up a haunted, harrowing lead vocal line that takes off and soars in a memorable if atypically melodic chorus. Very early on Recent Hours will catch the ears of fellow musicians, as there is a great deal going on beneath the vocal line, from some really stellar work by drummer Andrei to an impressive presence by guitarists Mike and Andy. Take The Lead drives a hard melodic edge ahead of some tremendous guitar work. The song has an Emo feel in the verses but revs up to full capacity for the chorus. Drop It Proper kicks off with another vicious guitar riff and evolves into a mellow minimalist arrangement that feeds into a dynamic chorus. Halo has a dynamic and highly rhythmic arrangement but lyrically falls flat and seems to be missing some of the vocal intensity found on earlier tracks.

Insect Carci follows a similar path, although there is more vocal intensity here. Recent Hours seems to struggle to match the level of their musicianship with like quality lyric content. The Sweetness slows things down a bit (at first), before ripping into a slow and tortured guitar-driven chorus where the drum work is the definitive star. The Definition Of Replacement closes out with The Offer, perhaps the hardest and heaviest tune on the disc.

The more I listen to Recent Hours the more I wish they were an instrumental band. The vocalist is decent, but lyrically the band just leaves a lot to be desired. With better material to sing Dusty would be a formidable front man, but musically this band is insanely good. I'd love to hear what they could do with a more imaginative lyricist. Dreams of a post-Rush, post-Dream Theater super-band abound on The Definition Of Replacement.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Recent Hours at or, where you can purchase a copy of The Definition Of Replacement.

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