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Friday, August 21, 2009

Review: Roche Limit - Sometimes We Must Change Shape

Roche Limit - Sometimes We Must Change Shape
2009, Roche Limit

Somewhere in the wilds of Vancouver, British Columbia dwells a man; some might call him a misfit - others a reclusive genius. Whatever your view of Dave Righton, or Roche Limit, as he styles himself, you'll find something to like in the music he creates. Shades of Beck, Nine Inch Nails and Ween inform his musical choices, wrought through voice, guitar, keyboards, didgeridoo and the magic of computers. Roche Limit's third album, Sometimes We Must Change Shape, dropped in May of 2009, and may just hold some of the most unique electro/organic compositions of the year.

Sometimes We Must Change Shape opens with My Friend Ship, holding to the intensity of Reznor and the lyrical and rhythmic magic of early Beck. It's a mid-tempo piece that would be welcome in any reputable club in the Western Hemisphere. Some One Else ponders the need of those in the limelight to change their personae in order to maintain their level of notoriety, pointing out the shallow nature of it all. The arrangement is deeply rhythmic and varied in sound and construction. Monkey Music has a distinctive vibe that's a bit too mellow to be danceable but still makes you want to move around in a post-Industrial setting. Roche Limit opens Cereal Offender on a more acoustic note before busting into a funky mix of acoustic and electronic instruments that will have you dancing and laughing at the same time. You'll also want to check out Greed, Nightwalk and I Needed This.

Roche Limit is so derivate that the sound he creates is unique. Fans of early Beck material in particular will love Roche Limit's mix of Rock, Folk and Electronica. As a whole I thought the album better than average, and there are some individual tracks here that are must-hear. Sometimes We Must Change Shape ends up being a good musical experience with a few rough spots; definitely worth the time.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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