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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review: Almost One - Almost One (Demo)

Almost One - Almost One (Demo)
2008, Almost One

New York power trio Almost One is led by the songwriting inspiration of Steve Carrea. Carrea and a movable supporting cast create melodic power pop tunes reminiscent of 1980’s radio rock. Almost One sent in their 4-song demo for review.

Almost One opens with This Night Could Be True, a martial love song befitting a big rock act from the 1980's. The Line is a catchy tune that you'll be humming for a few days after hearing it. Lead vocalist Chandler Mogel sounds a bit like a cross between Billy Joel and Jon Bon Jovi, and Almost One has a big rock feel to them that is belied by their stripped down instrumentation. Outside The Box is a tame pop rocker that's pleasant but doesn't really stand out. Standing Still is the sort of song that can garner major attention for an unknown band. Give the right producer a couple of days with Almost One and add in the right push from a label and this song is a big hit.

Almost One has a strong pop/rock sound with real commercial potential. There are some rough edges here, but the songwriting is better than average and the arrangements are exposure friendly. This is a good first step for Almost One.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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