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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review: Black Suit Youth - East Of Eden

Black Suit Youth - East Of Eden
2009, Black Suit Youth

Black Suit Youth is one of the first few bands we reviewed here at Wildy's World. The Long Island Band personifies the DIY ethic, self-releasing their own album (Our Future Is History) and taking significant pride in the fact that they own their own destinies musically. They're back in 2009 with a four-song EP entitled East Of Eden and an edgy sound perfectly balanced by a refined pop sensibility that wasn't as clear on their debut. East Of Eden finds Black Suit Youth singing and screaming their way into your mind to hard yet surprisingly hook-heavy Pop/Rock songs that is likely to make Modern Rock music programmer salivate with glee.

Black Suit Youth kicks it into gear with Scarecrow, a guitar-driven rocker with a big chorus and harmonies that are more likely in an arena-rock act. The catchy melody and pop-style arrangement make this a song that could easily cross over to popular radio. It Takes Two To Strangle keeps up that Pop gravitas in a driving rock song that is highly commercial. This sense of Pop/Rock drama was present on Our Future Is History but wasn't as prevalent or refined. To say that Black Suit Youth has kicked things up a notch is an understatement. East Of Eden sticks a little closer to the Modern Rock bone, but can't avoid this new and addicting vein in Black Suit Youth's sound. East Of Eden is destined to be a concert staple and might just end up as a generational anthem. The last track is a non-LP version of Here Goes Nothing. Keeping with the strong pop presentation, it’s almost if Black Suit Youth has stolen the pop sensibilities of The Gin Blossoms (we wondered where they went) without losing any of the edge they previously possessed.

Call me highly impressed. From Our Future Is History I would have picture any sound migration for Black Suit Youth to be toward the harder end of the spectrum. Instead, Black Suit Youth has found a golden pop pen to write their hard-edge, guitar driven songs with. East Of Eden is a transformational release for the band. If they keep this up they're going to end up with an awful lot of hits.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Black Suit Youth at, where you can purchase East Of Eden on CD. You can also download it through iTunes.

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