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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review: Abi Robins - Hey, Sunshine (The EP)

Abi Robins – Hey, Sunshine (The EP)
2009, Morning Bird Records

Abi Robins is a singer/songwriter originally from western Kansas and currently based in St. Louis, Missouri. Fans might recognize her as one half of the duo The Winter Wakeup. Robins is a classic singer/songwriter with intelligent and emotion-driven lyrics and a talent for crafting pleasant sonic structures around her lyrics. 2009 sees the release of Robins’ 2nd EP, Hey, Sunshine; on her own Morning Bird Records.

Speechless is an articulate and intricate soliloquy by someone viewing a relationship gone sour from two angles; intellectually understanding that things can’t, or won’t work out, but still being invested in that relationship. It’s an emotionally and intellectually honest song about love, lost and the helpless feeling that sometimes pervades a relationship. The song is very well written, accented with Dylan-esque harmonica and a subtle, layered-sounding acoustic guitar base. Russian Roulette is at the other end of a relationship cycle, about taking a chance to see where things go. It’s a bit cynical in outlook but very well written. Sunflowers is another introspective relationship song that is a pleasant listen but a bit harder to follow. Plans is about an unexpected relationship and the joys that it brings, and is my favorite song on the disc. There is a vulnerability here that is not present on the first three songs that is tangible. Hey, Sunshine is a plaintive and wistful platonic love song that could just as easily be written from mother to child as to an ex. Robins is at her most affecting here, the emotion in the song as real as the sounds that reach your ears.

Abi Robins has something as a songwriter and performer; her songs are enshrouded in a blunt yet indirect honesty that is endearing and makes for interesting listening. Robins’ voice is pleasant and her guitar playing/composition is strong, although she might benefit from collaboration with other musicians, as the sound and mix are too consistent on this EP; there isn’t much change in dynamic or sound across the five songs on Hey, Sunshine (The EP). All in all, Hey, Sunshine is a strong release, and Robins is a very promising talent.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Abi Robins at or I was not able to locate an online outlet for Hey, Sunshine (The EP). You can currently stream the songs on either Robins' MySpace or personal web page. Contact Robins through her MySpace page for purchase information.

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