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Friday, April 24, 2009

Review: David Sinclair Trio - Threewheeling

David Sinclair Trio - Threewheeling
2008, Nova Tunes/Critical Discs

West London’s David Sinclair is a journalist, author, singer and guitarist. He continues his double life with his new disc with the David Sinclair Trio, Threewheeling. Due for a spring, 2009 release, Threewheeling brings a live, lo-fi sound to complement solid Rock songwriting.

Threewheeling opens with London Dust, a catchy and memorable rock tune with shades of Americana in its lineage. Your World Mystifies Me has a feel like REM on steroids, aggressively and plaintively melodic all at once. The David Sinclair Trio appears to have gone for a live, in-studio sound that borders on garage throughout Threewheeling. It makes for a great listen because this is essentially the sound you might get at a show, and it works for DST. Eight Rounds Later is a rockabilly tune about a night out on the town. Think Georgia Satellites on this one. Feedback wants to be a combination of Rock and Americana but has an almost punk sensibility to it. Clicks is a little more mainstream sounding, like something that might have been played on the radio in the final days before Grunge roared out of Seattle. Other songs of note are Share My Cab, Just Struck Gold and Was I Strong Enough.

David Sinclair Trio is a bit rough around the edges but finds a very cohesive and enjoyable sound on Threewheeling. The intersection of Rock, Americana , Grunge and Garage is where David Sinclair Trio meets, and if they don't hit on every single song then they do on most of them. David Sinclair Trio has a bright future.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about David Sinclair Trio at,, or You can download Threewheeling at

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