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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Review: Margo Reymundo - My Heart's Desire

Margo Reymundo - My Heart's Desire
2009, Organica

Margo Reymundo has already achieved a fair amount of success in the music world. Her first Spanish language album release independently spawned a #1 music video. Her Electronica project, Evolve, had a top-ten electronic album for 2008 in Happy Hour In The Gene Pool (Musical Star Streams). Reymundo has also appeared in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions of shows such as Saturday Night Fever, Selena Forever and Latin Heat. Focusing on her songwriting, Reymundo moved to L.A., teaming up with some of the best touring and session musicians on the West Coast to produce her latest album, My Heart's Desire. Contributors on My Heart's Desire have played/recorded with the likes of Sting, Frankie Valli, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Diane Krall, Donna Summer, Edgar Winter, Dave Brubeck and Maynard Ferguson, to name but a few. The result is a sonically interesting album that blends Latin, Brazilian, Soul, Pop and Jazz into a highly enjoyable and commercial hybrid.

My Heart's Desire opens with the Latin Jazz flavored title track, a love song that's bound to be a wedding and mix-tape favorite. Reymundo's voice is a sultry and textured and a joy to listen to. There's an honest, open quality to her singing that is part intonation and part just the pure joy she emanates through her songs. Tell Me is a hopeful love song that gets a little heavy on the schmaltz but is well-written and performed. Reymundo's stunning cover of The Police's Wrapped Around Your Finger does Sting proud. Reymundo's sultry and ethereal interpretation brings a new and vaguely confusing level to the song.

My Heart's Desire is primarily an album of love songs, and at times strays into the cliché sounds you might expect to hear on Delilah. You Belong To Me is a distinct exception, probably the best original song on the album. I Saw You takes more of a dance approach while retaining some rock character to it and is bound to be a hit for Reymundo. You'll want to make sure and listen to Reymundo's cover of Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine, one of the better interpretations I've heard.

Margo Reymundo has a voice and a personality that is bound to lend to success. The material on My Heart's Desire ranges from too typical adult contemporary to on the edge Latin/pop/rock songwriting. It's a strong effort and a stepping stone into the future for Reymundo. I'll be curious to see what she does next.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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