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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: The No Tomorrows - Hanging In Space

The No Tomorrows – Hanging In Space
2008, Osiris Records

Hailing from Midlands, United Kingdom, The No Tomorrows come as something of a dichotomy. Punk rock sensibilities mix with that highly developed British melodic sense to create a sound that isn’t punk, isn’t pop and isn’t new wave, but somehow transcends all three into a highly accessible and enjoyable patois. Led by the distinct vocals and quasi-Andy Summers guitar style of Baz Kane, The No Tomorrows will make you stop and listen. Bassist/vocalist Tony Start and drummer/vocalist Peanut lay an incredibly tight and rhythmic base that allows Start to expound on his muse, and the listener benefits. Their debut CD, Hanging In Space, is pure DIY.

The more I listen to Hanging In Space, the more I am reminded of some of Andy Summers solo work. The feeling here is repressed energy. The No Tomorrows go for a very laid back sound, with very subtle guitar work. Baz Kane has a pleasant vocal sound but isn’t overpowering vocally, and that may drive the sound of The No Tomorrows as much as anything. The No Tomorrows sound entirely in their element on Live Today, an active rocker with a memorable melody that would work really well at college radio. The No Tomorrows pick up steam with We Are Free, getting into some real guitar-rock sound. This song actually sounds a bit like mid-career U2. Corporate Land starts out promisingly but falls into a repetitive trap. City Of Dreams is a highlight, one of the more enjoyable listens on the CD. Other highlights include Life After Midnight, Actions And Words and Folding Space.

The No Tomorrows take an interesting Lo-Fi, minimalist approach to Rock N Roll. It’s going to work for some and not for others. Hanging In Space suffers, at times, from a lack of energy, particularly on some of the slower, more languorous material. The songwriting is good, the sonic quality a bit fuzzy (stylistic), but I didn’t leave the listening experience a particularly strong opinion one way or the other. It was pleasant but didn’t make a distinct impression.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about The No Tomorrows at, where you can purchase Hanging In Space directly from the band using PayPal.

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