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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review: Iuengliss - Motion In Mind

Iuengliss – Motion In Mind
2009, Bocumast Records

Denver, Colorado’s Tom Metz transcends his own humanity to become Iuengliss, the melodic/electronic purveyor of digital ambience responsible for Motion In Mind. Experimental dance beats, ethereal vocals and a Hip-Hop energy are the components of Iuengliss’ electronic stew; you’ll be hard pressed to remember the last time you tasted music so good.

I use the food/taste metaphor because there is a real and substantive flavor evident on Motion In Mind. Ambient music can get caught up in its own ether and become disconnected from the listener, or so overpowering in rhythm and sound it becomes a wash that never soaks in. Metz has constructed music with a visceral essence that is inescapable. Motion In Mind doesn’t overpower the listener, but also does not fail to challenge the listener to try something new. Opening with Blubbles, Iuegnliss creates a virtual bubble chamber in music, with pockets of air bouncing off one another separated by the thinnest membranes of sound. Dark Motions has a wonderful, gloomy feel that is exciting, similar to the thrill/fear of walking down a dark street in an unknown part of town. Iuengliss even plays with Industrial themes on Another Time. Say Goodbye (Dark Mix) is the highlight of the album, mixing dreamlike staccato rhythms with a gorgeous, ambient vocal and a plaintive piano hook that gets stuck in your brain. Other highlights include Mend Right, Say Goodbye and the title track,

Iuengliss parts the waters of Electronica on Motion In Mind and crosses over into a truly Pop/Electronica realm with a highly accessible and credible album. Motion In Mind meets the listener with feet firmly planted, thrilling with tangible musical conversations that are sonically sound and structured like popular music. It’s a strong effort.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Iuengliss at or You can obtain a digital copy of Motion In Mind through iTunes.

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