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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wildy's World April, 2009 Co-Artist Of The Month: Andrew Portz (Emmaus, Pennsylvania)

Wildy’s World Co-Artist Of The Month – April 2009

Andrew Portz

Andrew Portz hails from Emmaus, Pennsylvania, and delivers an America sound that falls somewhere between the stoic musical sociology of Neil Young and the angry commentary of Tom Petty in a classic Americana style that runs the gamut from alt-country to southern swamp rock. Portz released his debut album, Blue Lake California in 2008 (we’ll have a review later this month), and has made it clear that he’ll pull no punches in his songs. His brand of biting social commentary is intelligent and well-spoken, and set to well-hewn music that makes it go down easy. Portz has songs streaming for your listening pleasure on his MySpace page. We’ll be talking more about Andrew Portz as the month progresses, but don’t be surprised if his name becomes very familiar over the next few years.

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