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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Review: Weapons Of Pleasre - Weapons Of Pleasure

Weapons Of Pleasure - Weapons Of Pleasure
2009, Warehouse Records/Weapons Of Pleasure

Weapons Of Pleasure makes its home in the San Francisco Bay Area, but members come from as far away as New Orleans. The band has built quite a buzz touring on the west coast; now comes their debut EP, Weapons Of Pleasure. Weapons Of Pleasure is Vanessa (vox, bass); Reno (guitars/vox), A.J. (lead guitar) and Jeff (drums).

Weapons Of Pleasure opens with Hail!, an upbeat guitar rocker that will get your feet moving and sounds a bit like 1980's New Wave Pop. Bring Your Love kicks off on a fuzzy bass line and a frenetic, post-punk arrangement. Daredevil finds vocalist Vanessa sounding a bit like Courtney Love in her Hole days. Daredevil has a real Lo-Fi sound and the attitude to match. Now You See it pulls in more of a 1970's guitar rock aesthetic, complete with hand claps, but transitions into pure New Wave on the bridge. The EP closes out with big guitar rocker Burn, kicking up a rock conflagration on the way out the door.

Weapons Of Pleasure have their feet in several sub-genres or Rock N Roll, including classic rock, Punk and Grunge. Their debut EP, Weapons Of Pleasure is a mix and uneven collection of five songs that show the tendrils of sound the band is working their way through. There's real potential here, and I'd bet that Weapons Of Pleasure take no prisoners on stage. Give them a little more time playing and recording together and I suspect a more cohesive sound will emerge. For right now they are raw Rock N Roll in several of its most seminal forms.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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