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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review: Spinous - Searching For You

Spinous – Searching For You
2008, Spinous

Spinous is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in London, England. Spinous released his debut CD, Searching For You, in 2008 and has received a lot of critical buzz, even winning a Grindie Award from Spinous has a very Vegas lounge singer feel to his performance style, and sounds remarkably like David Bowie vocally.

Spinous opens with Let Love Rule, a strange, orchestral Bowie experience that is an appealing listen even while disjointing the listener a bit. I found Ana to be highly enjoyable compositionally, but the real highlights come in the second half of the album. I Can’t Say Goodbye is probably one of the more intriguing compositions on the album, although the lyrical flow is a bit forced at times. But it’s All The Things that hits all of the right notes. This is by far the best composition on the album; a strong, complex rock arrangement complete with horns, great harmonies and a driving beat. The rest of Searching For You borders on a meld of dance and Rock material that is pleasant to listen to but doesn’t really stand out.

Searching For You has some real high points, but as a whole fails to distinguish itself or the artist, Spinous, as must listen. Hearing All The Things will make you realize that Spinous has the ability to write great Pop/Rock songs and leaves great hope for future releases. Searching For You, as a whole, is a decent listen.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Spinous at or You can purchase Searching For You in Spinous’ Online Store, or download the album from Amazon MP3.

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