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Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: Antennas Up - Antennas Up

Antennas Up - Antennas Up
2009, Plastic Artifice

Kansas City, Kansas' Antennas Up brings the noise and the funk on their debut album, Antennas Up, due April 14, 2009 on the band's own Plastic Artifice label. Bassist/lead singer/self-proclaimed nerd Kyle Akers leads Antennas Up with a sort of anti-pop swagger that's refreshing. Antennas Up mixes a strong melodic sense with post-punk tendencies and a unique outlook to create a sound that skirts the edges of definition while remaining wholly accessible.

Opening with fuzz rocker Break Me Down, Antennas Up causes some obvious questions. The band apparently went through a raft of lead singers before Akers took over. The question is why it wasn't Akers from the start. Akers has a distinctive vocal style that is enjoyable to listen to, and shows flashes of range that are downright startling. High & Mighty Parade is funk-driven rocker built on big, organic rhythms. The compositional structure here is fairly simple and could be likened to organic dance music but is highly enjoyable. Antennas Up engages in some serious vocal harmonies here. Outta Sight heads straight for the disco dance floor. Funk is the flavor in another highly danceable tune. My favorite song on the CD is Agree To Disagree, which sounds like it could be a DeBarge outtake. Other highlights include Get It, She's Evil and PSA.

Antenna's Up goes with minimalist arrangements and a solid funk groove and strong vocals from Kyle Akers. Antennas Up is a highly enjoyable record. It may be a bit musically simplistic at times, but its danceable, melodious pop with a fuzzy-garage aesthetic that should garner significant attention. Check it out.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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